COVID-19 Update

We’re working hard to find the best ways to help you and your customers through these uncertain times. Check out our dedicated Covid-19 page here full of resources to help your business. Find out how we can assist if you’re a business experiencing financial hardship as a result of Covid-19 here.

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Get your business online

The easiest way to get started with these digital products.

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    Yellow Profile

    The easiest way to get your business online. Give your customers all the information they need about your business. Yellow profiles enjoy the benefits of our high Google ranking.
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    Fine-tuning your website through SEO makes it more attractive to search engines. It also helps increase the quality and the quantity of your traffic.

Promote your business online

Customised advertising options that help improve your digital footprint.

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    Search Ads

    Target customers searching on google for the things you offer. It's highly targeted advertising that brings more business, you can accurately measure.
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    Display Ads

    Digital ad placements that promote your business to a highly targeted audience. Simply put, these are the eye-catching box ads that appear on all your favourite websites.
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    Facebook Ads

    We put together a Facebook advertising campaign which is monitored and measured. Make sure what you post on Facebook is seen by your target customers.

Print Directories

Effective, year-round advertising that never goes offline.

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    Yellow Pages

    Delivered to 96% of New Zealand homes and businesses, the Yellow Pages continues to make its mark locally.
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    White Pages

    As NZ's most trusted place for business and residential information it's where customers look when they know your name, but not your number.