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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Just like a finely tuned instrument, the success of your website’s performance can be helped along with some expert adjustments. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) helps to make your website attractive to search engines like Google, so your customers can find your website quickly and easily.

What our SEO team will do for your business

Around here we see SEO as the fun bit where science and creativity collide. There is a definite knack to getting a website firing well and we have quite the team to do it.
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    Website audit

    We do a bit of a health check on your website to build a full picture of how we can help. We take time to understand what products and services you want to focus on. Then we get to work fixing the things we can do straight away that will better promote your website to search engines. We also provide you with a summary of the additional opportunities for improvement that are a little more involved.
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    Tech Set Up

    Once we’ve got your website set up well, you’re in a good position to charge up your efforts. If you have our monthly SEO plan, we continue to make your website work hard building your business's reputation in search engines. We do this a variety of ways including technical, content, links and ensuring the customer experience of your site is working well.
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    We're here to help

    Our SEO reporting dives into your ranking within NZ's leading search engine, Google. So you'll see where you rank based on the targeting we set for your products and services. We'll also provide information on how ranking has shifted and where your website visitors are coming from.

Our Powerful SEO approach

Our team have ninja-like precision when it comes to targeting. We only want to focus on search phrases people are searching for and ones that we consider untapped by your competitors.
  • Research

    Once we know which products or services you want to promote, our team will put on their research goggles. There's actually no goggles, but we do find out how potential customers are trying to find you and how many there are. We also work out how competitive those keywords are so that we can bring you the best value with our suggestions.
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    SEO Setup audit

    Fear not, this is not the IRD. Armed with the decided keyword/phrase recommendation, we delve into the depths of your website to identify how and where you can make alterations. You'll get a report of these recommended changes, we also fix up anything we know needs doing right away from a technical perspective to set you on the right path.
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    Ongoing SEO

    This is how you can charge up for visibility on Google. We continually find ways to make your site perform better, there’s lots of smart things we can do, such as creating listings on directory websites (like which in the world of Google ranking, are like someone voting for your site. You can add content or technical bolt ons for an even bigger boost too. You get a monthly report (it's awesome) and it shows your Google ranking and where your visitors are coming from.

How much does it cost?

You're in control. Our SEO solution works best with New Zealand's small to medium-sized businesses. Our plans are based on the number of products and services you would like to focus. Audits start at $659 and our monthly SEO plans start from $349 per month.


    A 12 month plan to keep your SEO working hard.

    From $349

    Add this to your monthly plan and boost your SEO efforts with regular content including new web pages, blogs and video.

    From $399

    Add this to your monthly plan and boost your SEO efforts with regular technical calibration, including backlink analysis, competitor analysis, crawl errors and Google My Business audits.

    From $549

SEO Set Up


  • Techinical Audit
    Keyword research
  • Google Setup - Analytics, Google
  • Tag Manager, Search Console
  • Advanced keyword tracking set up
    Webmaster Tools
  • Audit and configuration

$659.00 + GST 15%

Get In TouchIf you’re already a Yellow website customer, get $200 off the SEO Setup price, as base SEO is included with Yellow website.

Other marketing solutions for your business

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    Facebook Ads

    We put together a Facebook advertising campaign which is monitored and measured. Make sure what you post on Facebook is seen by your target customers.
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    Display Ads

    Digital ad placements that promote your business to a highly targeted audience. Simply put, these are the eye-catching box ads that appear on all your favourite websites.
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    Search Ads

    Target customers searching on google for the things you offer. It's highly targeted advertising that brings more business you can accurately measure.

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